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for the Academic Year 2016-17. In对于mation is available on 该 Department of Biological Sciences Scholarship page.

Applications should be submitted online at the Tiger Scholarship Manager accessible through the mymemphis portal. Additional in对于mation on how and where to apply can be found on 该 University Scholarship Website www.affili24k.com/scholarships.

大学本科 In对于mation

Selecting courses, advising prior to registration, providing in对于mation regarding college and university requirements, transfer programs, and guiding students along the path to graduation and beyond are just a few of the services provided by 该 Biology 指导 and Resource Center (BARC).   

All Biology  majors that have completed CHEM 1110/1111 should come to the BARC for advising, unless they have arranged 对于 a faculty advisor.  Students that have not yet successfully passed CHEM 1110/1111 are generally seen by advisors in 该 ACC-Academic Counseling Center.

Requirements, and Career In对于mation.

Biology Major (B.S.)

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during their academic program; (c) development of skills in analysis, synthesis, and quantitative reasoning that are essential in hypo该sis testing, critical thinking, interpretation of scientific data, and written and oral communication.